Small money

Kenji with junior supporter and her momA strong conviction of mine is that money should not buy political influence. But the fact is, it does.

For this reason, I support limiting how much money one person can put into politics. I oppose large political contributions and expenditures from any source, and will not accept them myself.

Concord Municipal Code allows a City Council candidate to accept up to $1000 from an individual. I think the difference between $1000 and the $10 or $20 that someone else can afford is too big a difference, and I’ve set a lower limit for my own campaign: $200 per individual.

Because corporate entities can become a means to exercise disproportionate political influence, I am respectfully declining any financial support from entities other than individuals. I do welcome the support of local business owners as individuals (subject to the $200 limit above), and am always trying to deepen my understanding of the realities of starting and running a business in Concord.