I’ve been heavily involved as a resident in the City of Concord’s decision-making processes for several years. From late 2014 to 2017, I served as the advocacy lead for Bike Concord, a group of Concord resident volunteers working for safe, convenient bicycling in this city. In the course of that work and personal involvement in a few other issues in our city, I developed useful skills and resources to serve on Concord City Council.

  • Strong personal relationships with numerous Concord residents of various life situations and experiences.
  • Familiarity with the structure, procedures, and personalities of our local government.
  • Experience carefully examining policies, plans, and projects and making useful, timely comments on them.
  • Credibility with officials, staff, and other engaged residents.
  • A history of respectful and productive dialogue across differences of opinion.
  • A relish for helping solve community problems, both by leading and by supporting the work of others.

council2_28_17Through engagement in my city, I’ve refined some long-held convictions about how our public officials should operate: clear reasoning from consistent premises; values that prioritize the vital needs of the most vulnerable; and dependence on the support of all residents regardless of wealth or poverty.

With the experience and skills I’ve developed as an engaged resident, I’m no longer content to urge others to seek office and meet these standards. I intend to meet them myself, and I ask for your support.